Jib cranes

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The CraneCare™ JIB crane concept, involves a robust delivery program supplying quality equipment at short turnaround times. Use our configuration calculator to increase sales and customer service capacity. You will find our configurator in our CraneCare™ webshop, which is available through our partner login.

CraneCare has more than 30 years of experience in the sale, construction and construction of cranes for Danish business. Where we especially focus on providing documented quality according to the Danish working environment authority current rules.

Types and requirements

Here is a sampling of the jib cranes we can offer, with both focusing on pillar and wall. With CraneCare™ configurator, we have created a user-friendly pillar crane ordering tool that makes it easy and fast for you as a customer to order a crane with just your needs. The system is based on information and criteria you enter, which will provide the basis for a crane that meets your wishes. All of this happens digitally, so you can sit down behind the screen with your requirements and design your product.

Before the configurator can design a crane that meets your needs, it requires a number of specific information that you need to complete first.

Lifting height

It is important to know how high you should lift as it affects the height of the crane, and how much steel there should be used.

Free height in building

It is important to know how high you should lift, but even more important is if the crane has enough space in the building to be functional.

Extension Length

The vertical extension of the crane must also be defined. The extension length can have both a big and a small effect on the lifting capacity, so this length is important.

Working Load Limit (WLL)

Finally, the lifting capacity of the crane is an essential point as it becomes and affects the rest of the crane’s specifications.

Our configurator will then prepare you an offer. If you experience problems with preparing an offer, it may be because your set of criteria are not possible to build a crane from. If so, please contact us and we can find a solution.

  • Standard color, melon yellow
  • Custom designed by task
  • CE marked
  • Manufactured by certified employees


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Our mission

CraneCare™ mission is to boost our crane and lifting gear industry partners’ competitive edge by applying technologically intelligent solutions and quality products.